Reasons to Replace Your Roof

Empire Roofing & More knows when your roof needs replacement

Most home owners, business owners and facility managers are unaware of the need to replace their roof and roofing system components until damage has occurred. A leaking roof or gutter can cause structural damage and go unseen until significant amounts of damage have occurred, leading to costly repairs. Fortunately, this headache is entirely avoidable.

If your roof is 10 years or older — call Empire Roofing & More to perform a free professional inspection.

Below is a partial checklist you can use to evaluate the condition of your roof:

  • Exposure of the fiberglass mat on your shingles;
  • Granule Loss;
  • Flaking or peeling of exterior paint, especially along the roof line;
  • Signs of interior moisture damage around skylights and chimneys;
  • Buildup of debris in your gutters;
  • Bent, cracked, or damage of any type to flashing around sidewalls, plumbing vents, and chimneys;
  • Curling of shingles;
  • Discoloration of shingles, or mold/algae growth;
  • Stains and discolorations of attic structural members, such as rafters due to poor ventilation or leaks.

Empire Roofing & More takes roof evaluation to the next level

Empire Roofing & More offers professional inspections and written reports. Many signs can be easily spotted through a professional inspection. If you are having any issues or concerns with your roof, gutters, or downspout, call us for a free consultation.

The professional contractors of Empire Roofing & More have been trained by the industry's top manufacturers and stay on top of on the latest technologies. This training ensures our contractors find and report signs your roof may need repair or replacement, even when it may not be obvious. Our contractors perform a complete roofing system inspection, as well as more tailored inspection at your request, and provide a detailed review in layman’s terms to ensure you understand everything.

If your roof is in need of repair or replacement, Empire Roofing & More will provide a detailed and informative estimate at no cost to you. We know that you may not to be stay up to date on the latest roofing technologies and trends — that’s our job. We take the time to explain the roofing system, and the different options available for replacement or repair. Not all homes require the same roofing system. We can identify the best option for you, and explain how we came to that conclusion.

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“Very responsive. Called back promptly. Thorough explanation of damages and repair that was needed. Very professional. Continued correspondence throughout entire process. Estimate was spot on, and work was done in extremely good time. No complaints. Cleaned up all mess, end result looks great.”

—Amy L.

“I have worked with Roman and JB on multiple occasions. They bring a high level of professionalism to their projects. The experience is informative and thorough. You certainly feel more educated about the scope of work, and what to expect after your interaction with them. I highly encourage you to give them a call for your next home improvement project.”

—Howard B.

“Roman was very professional, punctual for all appointments, very much available (phone, email, text) & was in and out as promised. Initially quoted 2 days work, but they were done in one, which was helpful. When an inspector made one comment (I’m selling the house), Roman addressed it immediately. Great guy to work with.”
—Sam R.

“Professional, knowledgeable and friendly, Roman was professional with a friendly easy manner that made him easy to talk to. I wasn’t sure of the color I wanted and he was very helpful to me in making my decision. I would recommend him to others.”
—Gale M.

“Empire replaced my roof last summer. I was very pleased with their promptness, professionalism and their work. My existing skylight developed some leaking last week. Roman came out immediately after I called and fixed the area. He also blew all the leaves off my roof—which was quite a job, being a large ranch house in the woods!
Thank you, Roman!!”