Roman Iwanyshyn

Roman Iwanyshyn

Roman has flipped houses along the east coast of Florida, retrofitted a fishing trawler into a luxury yacht, and has become an expert in the industry of roofing and related systems over the past decade. As our Chief Satisfaction Officer, Roman leads our Operational Management and Customer Facing roles for Empire Roofing & More.


Roman says “Communication is the key... My customers & clients peace of mind, nerves, questions, and concerns are always addressed with clarity through conversation.” His experience has given him the ability to create affordable solutions for the most challenging situations as well as the routine. “Perfection is always obtainable, but sometimes not within the budgets of my customers & clients,” he says. Roman understands the reality of budget constraints. ”I have the knowledge to develop multiple, high-quality solutions to help fit all budgets. This knowledge, accompanied with project management expertise, gives me a rare ability to tackle any new or renovation project in a timely manner.”

Aside from communication and experience, Roman has great business acumen. Technical direction, fairness and understanding are of the upmost importance in managing multiple crews. “I must understand and employ the talents, strengths, and skills of my teams to deliver the highest quality service for new installation and structural upgrades while also being efficient and effective. These are fundamental to meeting the needs, and desires of my customers.”

“Frankly, I love to work & I love people! The feeling of accomplishment from the successful completion of a project is only outweighed by the gratitude of a happy customer. This is why I love my title as Chief Satisfaction Officer.” Ensuring the safety of your structure and loved ones, providing his customers with peace of mind is what drives him, and has contributed to his continued and growing success in the business world.


Roman Iwanyshyn has been in the industry for ten years. He is a skilled and gifted carpenter, mason and designer. His fellow workers shall tell you that “... he is fair, hardworking, never afraid to tackle something new, and quick to learn...” He is adept at managing crews and is skilled at overseeing multiple projects and sites simultaneously.

His experience renovating homes has made him skilled with providing the homeowner and the business owner with affordable options that incorporate proper building codes, current aesthetic and design features, while anticipating problems and “unforeseen” that can complicate installations and operations. He is adept at preplanning and contingent planning as well as creating on-the-fly solutions for those hard-to-avoid wrinkles. He always knows what is needed and how to complete each job in a timely, professional and successful manner.

For the past few years, Roman has been the Operations Manager for a large roofing and exterior contracting company in Western Pennsylvania. Daily, he oversaw multiple jobs with hands-on management and leadership. For the past many years, working for several constructors across Western Pennsylvania, he assured quality completion while meeting or exceeding expectations of homeowners and facility managers. Being the main point of contact for the buyer, the crews, material distributors, as well as the original equipment manufactures has given him the experience to guarantee a professional installation, replacement, or repair; a personal and satisfying service experience; and lifetime of peace-of-mind.

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“Very responsive. Called back promptly. Thorough explanation of damages and repair that was needed. Very professional. Continued correspondence throughout entire process. Estimate was spot on, and work was done in extremely good time. No complaints. Cleaned up all mess, end result looks great.”

—Amy L.

“I have worked with Roman and JB on multiple occasions. They bring a high level of professionalism to their projects. The experience is informative and thorough. You certainly feel more educated about the scope of work, and what to expect after your interaction with them. I highly encourage you to give them a call for your next home improvement project.”

—Howard B.

“Roman was very professional, punctual for all appointments, very much available (phone, email, text) & was in and out as promised. Initially quoted 2 days work, but they were done in one, which was helpful. When an inspector made one comment (I’m selling the house), Roman addressed it immediately. Great guy to work with.”
—Sam R.

“Professional, knowledgeable and friendly, Roman was professional with a friendly easy manner that made him easy to talk to. I wasn’t sure of the color I wanted and he was very helpful to me in making my decision. I would recommend him to others.”
—Gale M.

“Empire replaced my roof last summer. I was very pleased with their promptness, professionalism and their work. My existing skylight developed some leaking last week. Roman came out immediately after I called and fixed the area. He also blew all the leaves off my roof—which was quite a job, being a large ranch house in the woods!
Thank you, Roman!!”