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Skylights are increasingly popular for homes and businesses. They offer an efficient and effective way to provide natural lighting and save on energy costs. Empire Roofing & More has teamed with the largest roof window and skylight manufacturer in the world — VELUX® — to educate home and business owners.

Whether you have existing skylights or are considering a new installation, Empire Roofing & More can help you understand the details and benefits of skylights and other natural lighting options.

Many homeowners will try to re-use existing skylights during a re-roof installation to try and save costs. We typically discourage this, because the reuse of a skylight inevitably leads to costly repairs in the long term. Replacing skylights at the time of a roof installation is far more cost effective and provides you with true peace of mind.

VELUX® offers many new options when replacing a skylight. Built-in blinds, remote operation for venting, and automatic closure when rain is detected are a few of the attractive features of modern day skylights. Improvements in glass, construction technology, and insulation have dramatically reduced energy loss creating another attractive quality.

Different preferences is what makes us unique. Some property owners may not enjoy the skylights in their current building. A skylight in the bedroom was once considered a luxury, while sleeping is often considered a luxury as well. The combination can prove difficult. For reasons like this Empire Roofing & More also offers the ability to remove a skylight entirely. So, whether you seek more light, more control over light or less light, give us a call.

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“Very responsive. Called back promptly. Thorough explanation of damages and repair that was needed. Very professional. Continued correspondence throughout entire process. Estimate was spot on, and work was done in extremely good time. No complaints. Cleaned up all mess, end result looks great.”

—Amy L.

“I have worked with Roman and JB on multiple occasions. They bring a high level of professionalism to their projects. The experience is informative and thorough. You certainly feel more educated about the scope of work, and what to expect after your interaction with them. I highly encourage you to give them a call for your next home improvement project.”

—Howard B.

“Roman was very professional, punctual for all appointments, very much available (phone, email, text) & was in and out as promised. Initially quoted 2 days work, but they were done in one, which was helpful. When an inspector made one comment (I’m selling the house), Roman addressed it immediately. Great guy to work with.”
—Sam R.

“Professional, knowledgeable and friendly, Roman was professional with a friendly easy manner that made him easy to talk to. I wasn’t sure of the color I wanted and he was very helpful to me in making my decision. I would recommend him to others.”
—Gale M.

“Empire replaced my roof last summer. I was very pleased with their promptness, professionalism and their work. My existing skylight developed some leaking last week. Roman came out immediately after I called and fixed the area. He also blew all the leaves off my roof—which was quite a job, being a large ranch house in the woods!
Thank you, Roman!!”