Soffit & Fascia

Soffit installation and replacement by Empire Roofing & More

Soffits are primarily cosmetic, butplay an important role in controlling air infiltration, humidity and air quality in your home or building. Soffits are typically perpendicular to fascia and parallel to the ground. An important design and aesthetic consideration for a new soffit is whether the non-conditioned space hidden behind the soffit is to be vented or sealed. Vented soffits have holes, protected by screens or louvers which allow for air flow and minimized access for birds, insects and rodents, whereas non-vented soffits are solid and sealed to minimize air flow.

Since soffits are typically seen from ground level, and not hidden behind guttering systems, as some fascia installation are, aesthetics are important. On virtually all homes unsightly or damaged soffits can be repaired or replaced by Empire Roofing & More.

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Fascia installation and replacement by Empire Roofing & More

Fascia is located beneath the roof line and is typically perpendicular or nearly so to the ground. Fascia is a secondary structural member of the roofing system and is often constructed of wood, plastic or aluminum. Fascia is typically mounted to the ends of the rafters, the structural members which support the roofing system, and gutters are typically mounted to the fascia as well.

Depending upon the design, fascia can be a sealing or venting mechanism to control air infiltration, humidity and air quality in your home or building. For a modern, well-designed structure, there is control of where outside air is allowed to enter the home envelop — called venting — and control of where it is prevented from entering — called sealing. Empire Roofing & More can provide critical recommendations for improving your home’s air quality and value through inspections and analysis.

Because most fascia is wood, it ages over time. in a poorly ventilated void or non-conditioned space, such as an attic or porch eave, wood can become wet. This can lead to the fascia becoming unsightly and provide a space for water, insects, and rodents to gain access to your property. Unsightly or damaged fascia can be repaired or replaced by Empire Roofing & More.

For many high-end homes, aesthetically pleasing fascia covers may be added as an upgrade during remodeling.

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